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Vegeluron Super Hydrating Face Serum

January 8, 2022
face serum

Face Serum

I am so happy to share this recipe of face serum with you today. It has been over the top of my mind for so long. I made it used and remade it for a youtube video but never was able to share it.

I guess most of you know WHY? But still who have come to the post just recently I would like to tell them … I had a Baby!! Yayyyy!!!

I cant tell how happy we are as present SO SO SO Happy!

Devi is  5 and half now and a bliss.

But when she was younger God I had awful skin for a few month maybe due to lack of sleep, no time for myself and so many things to go on with a newborn and only god know I got through it.

The only skincare during that time was this serum that I had made since I had no time like at all.

I use to just wash my face with plain simple soap and water and slap that serum on as quickly as I could as sleep was MY PRECIOUS!

That was just enough to maintain the moisture on my skin.

Of course when I have more time now I try to add in more in-depth skincare regime but lets see what happens in time.

So now to the ingredients of Vegeluron Super Hydrating Face Serum

Our star ingredient Vegeluron ECO

I have to thank Anuradha Pant to help me our to source this ingredient from Skin Chakra.


It is a very similar ingredient to Hyluaronic acid only difference is the source from where we get it.

Skin Chakra Vegeluron gel is a Ecocert certified made from Tremella Fuciformis means Snow Mushroom.

It is considered as vegetarian  hyaluaronic acid. This is in gel form where as hyaluaronic acid is in powder form.

The gel has super water retention capacity just like HA. I love using it in my serums creams and toners.

Our next ingredient is my absolute favorite as I use it in all my creams and lotions it’s Allantoin.

It is a chemical compound naturally produced in most organisms like plants, animals, and some bacteria during metabolic reactions.

Allantoin is also referred to as glyoxyldiureide because it is produced during the degradation process of uric acid.

Naturally, derived Allantoin also termed Aluminum Dihydroxy Allantoinate is used in skincare products.

Allantoin because of its versatile properties used as a moisturizer, emollient, exfoliator, and hydrator. It moisturizes the skin by avoiding dryness on skin.

Allantoin not only soothes the skin but also helps in healing the damaged parts of the skin by forming complexes with the sensitive agents.

Allantoin serves as an exfoliating agent as it slough off the dead skin layer and helps in the renewal of epidermal cells. Because of its most important keratolytic specificity, skin cells remain hydrated and prevent the evaporative loss of water from skin cells.

This makes the skin looks moisturized and smooth. This chemical also improves the skin texture by removing dullness with the process of skin healing.

As it removes the dead skin layer, it automatically clears and soothes the skin. Last but not least, it also works to rewind the age by rejuvenating the skin cells through facilitation in the production of collagen.

I have a full blogpost dedicated to Allantoin so I would urge you to go ahead and read it to understand this super ingredient.

I love another ingredient to add in my facial products and that is niacinamide.

Niacinamide or Nicotinamide is a vitamin B supplement and one of the World Health Organization’s list of essential medicines.

It has many benefits, but these can only be obtained via oral or topical application. In skincare products, it is used topically to treat acne and rosacea (a condition causing excessive facial redness) due to its anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial actions.

It also can improve acne, reduce the amount of sebum produced (a yellowy, oilish substance produced by the skin that causes acne), increase skin hydration by increasing the skin barrier functionability, minimize the size of large pores, reduce fine lines, improve complexion, and may reduce the risk of skin cancer.

So now that we have spoken about the ingredients in the serum I insist that you read the compendium for more knowledge about ingredients that are used and available in skin care.

Now lets get to the recipe.

Super Hydrating Face Serum in Percentages

DM or Distilled water – 34.5%

Rose water – 30%

Allantoin – 0.5%

Niacinamide – 0.5%

Glycerin – 2%

Vegeluron – 30%

Dimethicone – 1%

DL Panthenol – 1%

Iscaguard – 0.5%

Super Hydrating Face Serum in grams

Batch weight – 50g

DM or Distilled water – 17.25g

Rose water – 15g

Allantoin – 0.25g

Niacinamide – 0.25g

Glycerin – 1g

Vegeluron – 15g

Dimethicone – 0.5g

DL Panthenol – 0.5g

Iscaguard – 0.25g


Steps for Super Hydrating Face Serum

In a borosilicate glass take 17.255g DM water or distilled water, 15g rose water, 0.25g allantoin, 0.2 niacinamide.

Mix it very well. I would suggest heat it on a double boiler or in microwave and let the powders mix in thoroughly in.

Then add 1g glycerine to the jar.

Mix it nicely.

Now add 15g Vegeluron, 0.5g Dimethicone, 0.5g DL Panthenol, 0.25g Iscaguard.

Mix it thoroughly and leave it for 24 hours to stabilize. I like to cover it with an aluminum foil.

On next day you can transfer this face serum to a serum bottle or airless pump whatever suits you.

Use only little of this face serum and it will be enough for your face.

Voila you have your very own Vegeluron Super Hydrating Face Serum.

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I hope you make this serum soon and let me know how wonderful it was for you. I would suggest you could share a picture and use #doonvalleygreens  to let me know your appreciation.

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Make sure you leave your comments so that I could improve further.

Love light



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