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Squalene Hair Setting Balm / Hair Pomade – 1 Simple recipe

December 6, 2020
hair setting balm

Squalane Hair Setting Balm / Hair Pomade

What is a hair setting balm or a hair pomade?

Hair setting balm or a hair pomade is thick product that help your hair stay in a specific position or allow us to keep it straight. Usually it is used by men to keep their hair in place as they are short and can easily get displaced.

There are basically two types of hair balms as per evolution of hair balms

  1. Orthodox hair balm – which usually have a wax like beeswax in it. It is an anhydrous product so usually without any preservative so we can call it a all natural product too.
  2. Unorthodox hair balm –
    1. Emulsified unorthodox hair balm which can be either a emulsified product with help of BTMS – 50 or emulsifying wax or any other emulsifying product. It is a water based product like lotions or heavy creams.
    1. Gels are another kind of hair setting tool which is very popular.

( I just hope someday I would be able to show you all kinds of hair setting balm on the channel and on blogpost )

We will be making two hair balms in orthodox category and then move on to other types of hair balm.

How do you use hair setting balm? Or When should I use hair balm?

Using a hair setting balm is fairly easy task. Once you wash your hair use a really small like half a pea size (or less depending on the length of your hair) amount of your damp hair. Now you can shape it in any style you want. It will give your hair a firm texture and your hair will look shiny for several hours.

Cons of hair setting balm

Since we are discussing hair balm along with pro we should also discuss cons of a hair balm to bring in the balance.

Hair balm is a waxy creamy product and it might be difficult to get it out of your hair sometimes. It can make your hair look greasy if used more.

It is advisable to wash your hair daily to remove the waxy balm from the hair. Therefore it is ideal for males with short hair. For females like me with long hair would not prefer a hair setting balm as washing hair on daily is next to impossible. Yes on rare occasions I would like to look in a particular way and I would like to use a hair setting balm for that day.

So now that we discussed most of the things about Hair setting balm we will move on to make a orthodox hair balm. I am going to use beeswax as a thickening agent here.

I love to use Squalane in my hair products as it give nice shiny, lusture and strength to the hair. It is also an antioxidant and an emollient with has its added benefit to the hair care products.

Please do not confuse yourself between Squalane and Squalene. Squalane is a shelf stable product of squalene. It is “ Hydrogenated product of Squalene” .  Squalene is naturally produced in the sebum. There are ample of articles out there singing the songs of Squalene please have a look.

So now that we have covered a lot.

Lets dive into the recipe for Hair Setting Balm.

Ingredients for Squalane Hair Setting Balm in Percentages

Soy or Olive Squalane – 20%

Seabuckthorn Oil – 10%

Coconut Oil – 5%

Shea Butter – 19%

Mango Butter – 20%

Vit E – 1%

Argan oil – 9%

Beeswax – 15%

Cucumber FO – 1%

Ingredients for Squalane Hair Setting Balm in grams

Total Batch weight – 50 g

Soy or Olive Squalane – 10 g

Seabuckthorn Oil – 5 g

Coconut Oil – 2.5 g

Shea Butter – 9.5 g

Mango Butter – 10 g

Vit E – 0.5 g

Argan oil – 4.5 g

Beeswax – 7.5 g

Cucumber FO – 0.5 g

Equipments needed

Digital Scale with 0.1 g accuracy




Double boiler


Measure out all the ingredients properly.

hair pomade

In a heat proof beaker take squalene, seabuckthorn oil, coconut oil, shea butter, mango butter, argan oil and beeswax. This is known as heated phase.

hair setting balm

Use a double boiler to melt all the ingredients or else you can also use a microwave with 30 seconds burst.

Once all the beeswax is melted and mixed properly we will proceed to cool down phase

Once the temperature is below 40 degrees.

Add Vit E and Cucumber Fragrance oil together.

Mix it well and let it cool down completely.

Beating at this stage is very important as it will not let the crystals of shea butter form on top.

Beat it all the way till its cool

You can use an ice bath to speed up its process.

Once cool package it up in a pretty container. I like to use a wide mouth container as its easy to handle with this kind of consistency of balms.


You can use either soy squalane or olive squalene for this project. Since the idea is having a squalane in the balm so I wouldn’t advise you to substitute it.

Seabuckthorn oil, argan oil and coconut oil can be substituted for any hair loving oil of your choice. Seabuckthorn imparts a particular colour to the cream so remember that when you substitute it.

  We have used Shea butter as well as Mango butter in the recipe but feel free to use anyone butter. If you don’t get your hands on both the butters you can use Cocoa butter too.

We would need a wax for this recipe as it is a blam. I have used beeswax as it is available to me but if you wish to make a vegan balm then feel free to use candellila wax or carnuba wax both will work great.

Vit E is an antioxidant in this recipe so I would not substitute that with anything but if you wish to skip it be your own wise hat.

I am using cucumber fo in the recipe but feel free to substitute it with any fragrance of your choice.


Beeswax – I do sell beeswax sheets like in the video check out my online store

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For oils

I like to purchase my oils and butters from two suppliers here in India

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Cucumber FO – Kelkar’s Fragraces Pune

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