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January 11, 2022



  1. What is SOLAGUM AX?. 1

1.1.       Physical properties of SOLAGUM AX: 1

1.2.       Chemical structure of Solagum ax: 1

1.3.       Origin of SOLAGUM AX: 2

1.4.       Uses of SOLAGUM AX: 2

1.5.       Alternatives to SOLAGUM AX: 2

1.6.       Safety and storage: 2


1.  What is SOLAGUM AX?

The co-granulated mixture of 2 natural polymers, acacia gum, and xanthan gum, is used for the thickening and emulsifying to reach low to medium viscosity, this blend of the 2 polymers are known as SOLAGUM AX. Xanthan gum is coated with acacia gum. Acacia gum is a multifunctional raw ramified polysaccharide obtained by the sap of the Acacia senegaltree sourced from sub-Saharan regions and used for human consumption. Acacia gum is made up of polysaccharides and glycoproteins, which give it emulsifying properties. On the other hand,abacterium,Xanthomonas campestris produces the natural polysaccharide known as xanthan gum, which is commonly used in beauty products for tightening and stringiness.

1.1.       Physical properties of SOLAGUM AX:

SOLAGUM AX shows the properties of thickening, emulsification, and stabilization. It is in the form of a powder that dissolves quicker than xanthan gum in water and oil. This powder of SOLAGUM AXforms a transparent aqueous gel that may be non-sticky and non-stringy. The color of acacia gum is white to beige and has no odor, density is 0.35- 0.45 and the size is 100 um. SOLAGUM AX resists in pH and electrolytes, it has a broad pH range of 3 to 12. It has film-forming properties and long-lasting moisturizing properties.

1.2.       Chemical structure of Solagum ax:

SOLAGUM AX is the polymer of acacia and xanthan gums. Acacia gum is a biopolymer composed of the monosaccharides arabinose and galactose called Arabinogalactan. A key ingredient in many plant gums, as in acacia gum, 8-5′ Noncyclic diferulic acid is covalently bound to arabinogalactan-protein carbohydrate moieties. The molecular weight of acacia gum is 200 and 300kDa. But if we have a high concentration the thickening properties become very low and are used in the food and cosmetic industry for their emulsifying properties. Acacia gum is a blend of magnesium, acidic polysaccharide, calcium salts, and potassium. Xanthan gum is the polysaccharide xanthan that has a high molecular weight. The main proportion of xanthan is made up of D-mannose, D-glucuronic acid, and D glucose on which many side chains are grafted. It is made by fermenting carbohydrates in the culture of Xanthomonascampestris. When the fermentation process is over, the xanthan gum is restored by alcoholic precipitation, the precipitates are dried and converted to powder of the required size. SOLAGUM AXcan link to amphoteric, non-ionic, or anionic surfactants.

1.3.       Origin of SOLAGUM AX:

Acacia gum is derived from tropical African plants. Thorny Acacia senegaltreesare the source of acacia gum. The trunks and branches of the trees are cut and sap floats to the surface of the branches. The area’s naturally warming temperatures are used for drying the sap known as the curing process. Xanthan gum, a water-soluble polysaccharide formed by a pure-culture carbohydrate fermentation reaction by the bacteria,Xanthomonas campestristhat is naturally present in the environment.A creamy colored powder is formed and used in SOLAGUM AXfor the production of different industrial products for example cosmetics and Hair products.

1.4.       Uses of SOLAGUM AX:

SOLAGUM AXhas a wide range of benefits in different industries. Play a key role in cosmetics production, skincare products like Natural day cream 7158 and passion jelly, which is a foaming scrub and smoothens the skin, sun care products, and hair products such as shampoo, conditioner. It has low soaping effects and less cohesion. Gives protection to the skin and has properties of long-lasting moisturization. SOLAGUM AX is very effective for sensitive skin protection and shows highly sensorial. It is widely used for thickening and stabilizing the products as well as a very good emulsifier, to reach viscosities up to 10,000 MPa.s. Ecofriendly with Excoert validation, sustainable, and cold process use. VEGAN, COSMOS & Nature approved, China listed.

1.5.       Alternatives to SOLAGUM AX:

Xyliance (INCI: Cetearyl Wheat Straw glycosides and Cetearyl alcohol) is also Ecocert proficient organic and it includes Cetearyl glycosides and Cetearyl alcohol. It is a very good stabilizer and emulsifier that can be used as an efficient alternative to SOLAGUM AX. Simulgreen 18-2 has decent properties of moisturizing and also possesses natural stabilizing polymer such as Sola gum ax. Simulgreen 18-2 is most effective over a broad range of PH (from 3 to 10) between 1 to 3 percent including all types of oils: minerals, silicones, vegetable oils, and esters. SOLA GUM TARA is a polysaccharide resulting from the seeds of Tara, which is a typical shrub native to the Andean valleys of Peru. SOLA GUM TARA can be used to solidify and stabilize the emulsions and cream gels and by providing them with a soft feel and structuring effect, they can also be used as texturizing agents. It is used as an alternative to SOLAGUM AXin many cosmetic products.

1.6.       Safety and storage:

Keep away from intense sunrays and humidity. Maintain the container’s dryness. It forms dust particles. If inhale its dust,  remove the victim from fresh air and allow them to breathe comfortably. If the substance was swallowed and the infected person is conscious, he should drink water. If the SOLAGUM powder contact with eyes flushes the eyes with plenty of water immediately. Safety eye wear should be used to avoid any reaction.

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