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Rose Gel Cleanser – Best Recipe

January 15, 2022

Rose Gel Cleanser

So I have some beautiful roses growing and glowing in my garden and I am in awe of it. They inspired me to make a series of skincare and hair care products inspired by the roses in my garden.

I hope you guys like what I have come up with.

So here it goes today formulation is a cleansing product that I love to use in the summer because it imparts that refreshing feeling after a long hot day.

Today we are going to make a gel cleanser that is super soft to touch and easy to wash off from the face.

Let’s first understand what is a gel cleanser?

Gel Cleanser is a wash-off product made with a surfactant that will clean out the surface of your body since the consistency of the product is like a gel where we use gums to thicken the product it is called a gel cleanser.

These kinds of gel cleansers are popular right now as they are super easy to carry as they do not spill out easily compared to water-based cleansers.

They are versatile to use right from top to tip of the body.

Today we are going to make a gel-based facial cleanser with rose as our theme as my garden has inspired me to make this product series.

I am going to use Rose hydrosol as my base ingredient or foundation ingredient as I love how it smells. If you use a good quality rose hydrosol you might not even need to use any fragrance at all.

If your rose hydrosol is weak then you can add Rose FO that is totally your call. I would suggest using a FO instead of EO as it is a wash-off product and you would not like to waste that super expensive ingredient down the drain.

Finally, it’s your choice though.

I am using a little bit of surfactant here known as CAPB, Cocamidopropyl betaine this is not similar to coco betaine but you can use it in this formulation.

I have given a detailed account of what is Cocamidopropyl betaine in the compendium section have a look whenever you can.

This is a richly moisturizing gel as I have used a good amount of glycerine in this product along with panthenol. Both are known for their moisturizing capabilities.

So Now let’s dive into the recipe

Product name – Rose Gel Cleanser

Batch Size  – 100 grams

Rose Gel Cleanser Recipe in percentage

77.5% – Rose Hydrosol

10% – Glycerine

1 % – D Panthenol

3% – CAPB

4% – Jojoba oil

2% – Tween 80 or Polysorbate 80

2% – Solagum

0.5% – Preservative of your choice

Rose Gel Cleanser Recipe in Grams

77.5g – Rose Hydrosol

10g – Glycerine

1 g – D Panthenol

3g – CAPB

4g – Jojoba oil

2g – Tween 80 or Polysorbate 80

2g – Solagum AX

0.5g – Preservative of your choice

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Instructions for Rose Gel Cleanser

Make sure all the equipment is sanitized well enough before making this product.

Measure out all the ingredients in the above formula.

You can make this product directly in the container of your choice or make it into a beaker and then pour as I do.

Mix the Solagum with glycerine and allow it to bloom. This might take some time so plan ahead of time.

Once Solagum AX nicely swells up mix in the hydrosol, panthenol, capb coconut oil other.

Make sure you do not let it foam as capb will foam so make sure you are stirring gently.

You can add color to this gel if you wish.

Now add preservatives and complete the product.

I would like to leave it for at least 24 hours to set and let all the ingredients mix well.

Now your Rose gel cleanser is ready to use.

How to use Rose Gel Cleanser

Wet your face with cool water.

Take a pea ball size of this gel cleanser on your hand and rub it in between your palms.

Now apply that on your face and thoroughly clean it from all the sides.

Now wash it off with plain cold water.

This gel cleanser will clean your face without drying it out.



Since the theme of this product is Rose I would not suggest replacing rose hydrosol with anything else.

You can replace glycerine with sodium lactate if you wish.

CAPB is my go to surfactant for a wash off product but if you are not able to get that you can use coco glucoside or any other mild surfactant for that matter.

Thickener of my choice is solagum but feel free to use any gum of your choice which works for you.

You might like to read more about the ingredients so please go ahead and check the links below

Solagum AX –

Polysorbate family –


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You might also like to view this recipe on youtube so here is the link Rose Gel Cleanser


Let me know in the comments section if you have any questions I would be happy to answer.


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