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How to make lotion bars with recipe

February 25, 2021
how to make lotion bars

How to make lotion bars with recipe

Today we are going to make Vegan Lotion Bars i.e lotion bars without beeswax. All the ingredients are plant based and Vegan friendly.

What are Lotion Bars ?

Lotion Bars are moisturizers in solid form. They are basically concentrated bars something like serum made in such a way that they melt down using the heat of the skin. Some people also like to call it as massage bars as they can be massaged on the skin because of the consistency.

They can be made in various beautiful shapes and sizes. Since they are solid bars you can very easily carry them in your travelling bag without spilling any thing. Such a blessing !!!

How to use a lotion bar?

Lotion bars are usually used in winters after a bath. You will have to massage the lotion bar on your skin. They warm of your skin will melt the top layer of the bar and spread it on your skin. It will form a barrier on the skin which will trap in the moisturise and make your skin soft and supple.

Should I add a perservative to lotion bar?

This is product without any water content so the probability of molds or yeast growing into the bar is very less. The shelf life of lotion bar is usually depend on the oils and butters used. With some antioxidant in the recipe we can increase the shelf life of the bar.

So No we do not need a preservative in this product.

Cheat sheet for a lotion bar

Hard Butters – 60 – 70%

Soft butter – 10 – 20%

Exotic Liquid Oils – 10 – 20%

Vitamin E – 1%

Essential Oil – 1%

So now that have our cheatsheet ready lets get down to formulating.

I am going to use 3 kind of butters in this recipe let me tell you why?

First is our Kokum Butter –

As an Indian this is a dear butter to me. Kokum is a my souring agent and a drink I cherish in summers. The seed of this fruit gives a beautiful butter which is known as Kokum butter.

Kokum tree is called as Garcinia Indica. It is a pale brownish yellow solid mass formed from saturated fat also known as stearic acid.

The basic composition of Kokum butter lets it remain at room temperature ( in India the room temperature can range from 25 degrees to 30 degrees celcius ). It becomes rock solid in winters and retains its composure in summers.

This is the reason I choose this butter for my lotion bars.

Next is the Shea butter and Mango butter as secondary butters both are soft butters and help to melt lotion bars quickly.

For soft oils we are going to use Argan oil, Hempseed oil and Seabuckthorn oil both of which are nourishing oils for the skin and they are also quick absorbing.

So now that we have discussed basic ingredients in the recipe lets go on and make some lotion bars

How to make Lotion Bar with Recipe


Batch amount – 100 grams

70 grams – Kokum Butter

8 grams – Shea butter

9 grams – Mango Butter

4 grams – Hempseed oil

4 grams – Seabuckthorn oil

3 grams – Argan Oil

1 gram – Vitamins E

0.5 gram – Rose Geranium Essentail Oil

0.5 gram – Geranium Essential Oil


Make sure all the equipment are sanitized

Melt Kokum Butter, Shea butter, Mango Butter in a heat proof container either on a double boiler or microwave at 30 seconds burst.

Let the butters cool to 40 degrees celcius to add cool down phase ingredients

Measure oil Hempseed oil, Seabuckthorn oil, Argan oil, Vit E into one container.

Add this cool down phase ingredients to the melted butter and stir well.

Now add rose geranium and geranium essential oils to it.

Now pour this into molds of your liking I chose to make my bars smaller so that it is easier to handle but you can make it bigger if you like.

Let it set over night before packaging.

Voila !! Your Lotion bars are ready.

Watch me make this recipe

How to make lotion bars without beeswax


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    February 25, 2021 at 9:20 pm

    Love your site! Can you add some BTMS 50 to this recipe to add more strength to the bars? Going to make this for friends.

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      February 25, 2021 at 10:12 pm

      Yes absolutely you can or else you can add beeswax if you want a non vegan recipe. Since Kokum butter is super hard take a wise decision on it.
      Happy Making! Do share with me the photos of what you made. I would love to see

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