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How to Make Emulsified Sugar Scrub – Best Recipe you will ever need – 4 minutes read

March 1, 2021
how to make emulsified sugar scrub

How to Make Emulsified Sugar Scrub

Emulsified sugar scrubs are my favorite skincare product on my vanity counter as it is so beautiful to use. It scrubs my body, cleans it, also acts as a hydrating mask and at the same time moisturizes it all at the one time.

It is so wonderful to use at night as on days I use scrub I kick off all the skincare night regime product on one side and just one jar is enough for everything. Such is the magic of emulsified scrub.

The luxurious feeling I am left with is mesmerizing and self loving. I just feel so good after the bath and so does my husband as well ( pun intended).

It is like magic potions right out of magic books used to make you fall in love with that lustrous skin and flawless appearance.

Before diving into the recipe we need to know exactly what we are getting into. As this is not a scrub where we just add sugar and oil together and make scrub. This is a more complex recipe where you will have to take care of hygiene while making it as it is a lotion and scrub combined together hence the name emulsified scrub like emulsifying a lotion.

So with this in mind lets clear some basics about what we are looking for.

Tired of reading watch me make this recipe

What is a scrub?

A scrub is an exfoliator i.e it removes dead skin and polishes the top layer of the skin. It is the first step for any skincare routine.

It removes dried dehydrated skin on top of the epidermis. Usually we can use exfoliator on whole body to scrub out dead skin cells and moisturize it. A lot of people use exfoliator just for face as it is more exposed to exterior elements of nature like sun, pollution.

The skin on the face is particularly delicate as it is more sensitive. We have discussed this in our blog ­­­­­­______

How to use emulsified sugar scrub?

Skincare specialist recommend to use scrubs atleast 1 to 2 times a week to maintain a good healthy skin.

I recommend to use a little amount of sugar scrub on wet skin and gently massage it into your skin. Since this is a emulsified sugar scrub it will create nice lotion-y consistency. Since we using sugar it will scrub the surface gently and then form kind of layer on the skin.

Let this remain on the skin for sometime till it nicely moisturizes the skin lets say around 15 minutes is a good time. It acts like a moisturizing mask. Then simply just wash off the excess. Since there is surfactant in this scrub it will easily wash off so I would not recommend to use soap after this.

 You can use moisturizer if you wish too but usually it is not needed.

Will this product need a preservative?

Yes this product will need a preservative as we are using water in this product. It is utmost necessary to use a good broad-spectrum preservative for it.

Recipe of emulsified sugar scrub

We are going to make 1000 grams batch Recipe

Sweet Almond Oil – 4% – 40 grams

Mango Butter – 3.5% – 35 grams

Shea Butter – 3% – 30 grams

Glycerine – 3.5% – 35 grams

Castor Oil – 3% – 30 grms

DM Water – 8% – 80 grams

Sci powder – 3% – 30 grams

E wax- 4% – 40 grams

Beeswax – 3% – 30 grams

Iscaguard preservative – 1% – 10 grams

Cafe Mocha Fragrance – 1% – 10 grams

Vit E – 0.5 % – 5 grams

Castor Sugar – 59% – 590 grams

Coffee Powder – 3% – 30 grams If you wish you can add Cocoa powder to get that rich brown colour of chocolate.


Sanitize all the equipment needed with minimum 70% alcohol or bleach.

Measure out all the ingredients.

You will need a borosilicate heat proof container to melt out butters and beeswax.

Boil DM water in another heat proof container.

Take mango butter, shea butter, ewax, beeswax and almond oil in heat proof container and either keep it on the double boiler or microwave giving it a 30 seconds burst.

Now add remainder of the oils like almond oil and castor oil to this heated mixture.

Now when both the containers are roughly at the same temperature add the water mixture to the oil mixture.

Using a blender blend the whole mixture till it is properly emulsified. Like we do for lotions

Now let this emulsified mixture cool down.

Lets get ready for cool down phase.

Measure out glycerine, sci powder, iscaguard preservative, café mocha fragrance, vit E, castor sugar, south Indian coffee powder, café mocha fragrance.

Once the temperature of the emulsified mixture is below 40 degrees Celsius add glycerine, sci powder, preservate, vit E and blend well again.

Once it is cool down completely (usually the next day) add café mocha fragrance, castor sugar, South Indian Coffee Powder and mix it well.

If you wish you can also add cocoa powder to this to give it extra oomph.

Voila our Emulsified Coffee Sugar Scrub is ready.


You can substitute all the oils and butters as per your availability and preferences. Just replace the said proportions as per the recipe.

You cannot substitute a butter with oil or an oil with butter.

DM water can be replaced by a hydrosol of your choice.

SCI powder can be replaced with any powdered surfactant of your choice just make sure its good one.

I would not recommend substituting beeswax or ewax as both the elements hold the product together.

A broad spectrum preservative is a must for this scrub.

Castor sugar can be substituted with salt but make sure it is like the consistency of castor sugar.

I would not recommend to substitute coffee powder or fragrance as it is the essence of the product.

Want to watch me make this recipe

How to make emulsified sugar scrub

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I hope you enjoy this emulsified sugar scrub with all the love that I have made it with.

Love Light,



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    June 3, 2021 at 11:54 pm

    Why did you put a mixture of coffee and sugar in the end

    • Reply
      June 6, 2021 at 8:42 pm

      Usually, I like to make the base first because when I make it in bulk I use the same base for different types of scrub just the actives change. So I like to add the sugar and coffee at the last. It’s just a matter of habit for me.

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    Amber stone
    June 20, 2021 at 9:32 am

    Can DM be substituted with distilled water? Or just hydrosol

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    Thet Thet Htay
    July 17, 2021 at 1:16 pm

    what is the long name of sci powder and preservative agent. Please tell me.

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