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How to Make Bath Fizzy

February 27, 2021
how to make bath fizzy

How to make Bath Fizzy


60% – Baking Soda

30% – Citric Acid

4.5% – Epsom Salt

1% – Slsa

2% – Goat Milk Powder

1.5% – Polysorbate 80

1% – Peppermint Essential Oil

Mica – optional

Recipe in grams

Total Quantity – 500 grams

300 grams – Baking Soda

150 grams – Citric Acid

22.5 grams – Epsom Salt

5 grams – Slsa

10 grams – Goat Milk Powder

7.5 grams – Polysorbate 80

5 grams – Peppermint Essential Oil

Red Mica is optional and as required


Sanitize all the containers before use.

Measure out all the ingredients seperately

First mix baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, slsa, goat milk powder together. Break lumps if any.

Once everything is mixed add polysorbate 80 and peppermint essential oil and mix well.

Now divide the mixture in two halves.

Add mica to one part and let the other remain as is.

Take the filling container and layer them on top of each other as shown in the video.

You can add any other colour if you like

Voila your bath fizzy is ready

Watch me make this recipe

How to make bath fizzy

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