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Argan Hair Setting Balm / Hair Pomade – 1 Game-Changing Super Ingredient

December 7, 2020
hair pomade

Argan Hair Setting Balm / Hair Pomade

So we are making hair pomade / hair setting balm this weekend and this project is continuation of Squalane Hair Setting balm .which is a Orthodox hair balm. Argan hair seeting balm uses Argan as the main ingredient for hair. It is super good for you hair.

In that article we had discussed

What is a hair setting balm / Hair Pomade ?

Types of Hair setting balm / hair pomade ?

How to use hair setting balm / hair pomade ?

Benefits Squalane on hair

Recipe of Squalene hair setting balm.

Here is the link to the above mentioned blogpost

So now moving further if you have seen both the videos the main ingredient that is different in both ther recipe is one is using beeswax as sole thickening agent and the other is using Lecithin in as a co emulsifying agent.

hair pomade

What is Lecithin?

Lecithin is common term used to name a group which is yellowish brownish fatty substance. It can occur in animals as well as plant. This is one reason we always mention as is it soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin or any other.

It is a amphiphilic ingredient that means it attracts water and fat i.e it is hydrophilic and lipophilic. Therefore it can act as an emulsifier too infact in organic skincare it can act as a sole emulsifier too if you can get it right.

Second important work it does is it homogenizes the mixtures pretty well and I love this quality of of lecithin.

It gives nice smooth texture to food and skincare products.

In Squalane hair setting balm we had used beeswax as a thickening agent. Thought it gives nice thick consistency I wanted something which is little creamier. I tried  a lot of other ingredients to make it creamier but was successful with Lecithin so I thought why not share this project with you.

I am using soy lecithin for this project but you can substitute it with sunflower lecithin if you want to skip soy.

So now lets jump into the recipe of Argan Hair Setting Balm

Recipe is in % to help you understand it better and if you wish to scale up or scale down the recipe totally your call.

25% – Argan oil

38% – Mango butter

5% – Olive oil

12% – Rosehip seed oil

4% – Soy Lecithin

15% – Beeswax

1% – Vitamin E

1% – Rose EO

hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade

Recipe in grams

We will be making a 50 grms batch for this recipe

Argan oil – 12 g

Mango butter – 19 g

Olive oil – 2.5 g

Rosehip seed oil – 6 g

Soy Lecithin – 2 g

Beeswax – 7.5 g

Vitamin E – 0.5 g

Rose EO – 0.5 g

Equipments needed for this recipe

Digital Scale with 0.1 g accuracy

Heatproof Beakers



Double boiler



Measure out all the ingredients properly.

In a heat proof beaker take argan oil, mango butter, olive oil, rosehip seed oil, beeswax, soy lecithin. This is known as heated phase.

Use a double boiler to melt all the ingredients or else you can also use a microwave with 30 seconds burst.

Once all the beeswax is melted and mixed properly we will proceed to cool down phase

Once the temperature is below 40 degrees.

Add Vit E and Rose RCO oil together.

Mix it well and let it cool down completely.

Beating at this stage is very important as it will not let the crystals of shea butter form on top.

Beat it all the way till its cool

You can use an ice bath to speed up its process.

Once cool package it up in a pretty container. I like to use a wide mouth container as its easy to handle with this kind of consistency of balms.


You can use either soy lecithin or sunflower lecithin for this project. Since the idea is trying lecithin in this balm so I wouldn’t advise you to substitute it.

All the oils and butters can be substituted as per your wish remember that oils and butter imparts a particular colour to the cream so remember that when you substitute it.

  We have used Mango butter in the recipe but feel free to use any butter of your choice. If you don’t get your hands on the butter you can use Cocoa butter or Shea butter.

We would need a wax for this recipe as it is a blam. I have used beeswax as it is available to me but if you wish to make a vegan balm then feel free to use candellila wax or carnuba wax both will work great.

Vit E is an antioxidant in this recipe so I would not substitute that with anything but if you wish to skip it be your own wise hat.

I am using Rose RCO in the recipe but feel free to substitute it with any fragrance oil or essential oil of your choice.


Beeswax – I do sell beeswax sheets like in the video check out my online store

For Indian Customers

For International Customers

Please get in touch with me on for further details.

For oils

I like to purchase my oils and butters from two suppliers here in India

Aethon International –

Moksha Lifestyle –

Soy Lecithin – Pioneer Chemicals, Delhi.

Vit E – Aethon International

Rose RCO – Moksha Lifestyle –

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hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade hair pomade

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