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Face Cleansing Steps and Benefits – Your Ultimate Guide – 2 minute read

September 24, 2020
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Face Cleansing Steps and Benefits

Today we will be talking about face cleansing steps and its benefits.

Are you completely aware of the importance of washing your face daily? Although it may seem like another simple part of your nighttime routine, it is far more significant then that.

 Cleaning your face is one of the most crucial hygiene tasks that you should be doing every single day.

But what is face cleansing exactly and what steps should you be taking? Continue reading to find out.

face cleansing steps

What is Face Cleansing steps and what are the benefits of Face Cleansing?

Face cleansing is not just your typical face wash or soap and there are multiple reasons why.

To start off, face cleansers are products made to clean your face thoroughly by getting rid of all the extra build up that accumulates on your face daily. Products come in many different forms for various uses.

Whether you’re wearing make-up, sunscreen, or even going bare face, molecules build up over time and without the proper tools and products, they will just sit there.

On the other hand, face washing is typically just the use of a general soap. Face cleansers contain different products then the average soap that have distinct purposes. These purposes can include, but are not limited to, being more gentle, moisturizing the skin, soaking of the pores to get all the dirt out, and even to get rid of those dead skin cells.

Face cleansing is extremely important if you want the most clear, clean, and healthy skin. Most dermatologists say that you should even be cleansing your face up to two times every single day. So where should you start? Let’s first break the different products down.

What Types Of Face Cleansing Products Are There?

As more and more people become aware of the importance of face cleansing, companies have come out with a variety of products to choose from. Below is a list of examples of these various products.

Foam Cleansers

 Foam cleansers are used with a small amount of water to lather onto the face. This type of cleanser removes the top layer of dirt and oil from the skin and is similar to a normal soap. However, it is made with those different ingredients then your average soap.

Micellar Cleansers

This product has a very similar texture to water and contains extremely small molecules that push the dirt and dead skin cells out of the pores. These are mainly used to get products such as make-up and dirt off rather then an actual deep cleanse.

Gel Cleansers

This product is complementary to foam cleansers, but have a heavier consistency when combined with water. It also has the same general purpose as the foam cleanser but a different consistency.

Cream (or lotion) Cleansers

This type of cleanser is used to moisturize the face. It is often applied after one of the previous products are used. This product will bring your dry skin back to life but hydrating and smoothing the skin.

Oil Cleansers

This is another product that is often used to take off make-up and sunscreen. Because of its oily consistency, this is often used before another face soap is used.

Soap Bar Cleansers

Another form for the cleansing soap, this product is packed into a bar that is meant to go directly on the face. The benefits of this specific cleanser are that its roughness can actually scrub off dead skin cells to bring the new, healthy ones forward.

Clay Cleanser

Clay cleansers are made for the use of a facemask, where you leave the product on the face for a certain period of time before rinsing it off. This allows the product to really soak up all the dirt and excess oil from the face.

Cleansing Wipes

Last but not least, the product is used as a quick fix to get make-up, sunscreen, and other particles off of the face. However, it is not the best or effective for actually getting the dirt off of the face. I do not recommend it at all unless you are at a party and you want to quickly fix your makeup.

So How Should You Really Clean Your Face?

The first step in successful face cleaning method is to use a product to get the top layer of dirt or make-up off the skin. Most dermatologists recommend using a Micellar or Oil cleaner to be the most effective in doing so. By doing this, you are taking any unnatural products off so that the second cleanser can do its job.

Once you have that top layer off, you should then use another product to do a deep cleanse, such as a foam or gel product. Once applied generously, rinse off with lukewarm water. This will get those natural and deep particles off your face and out from your pores. This step is extremely important, as it is the part of the process that completely cleans out everything that is not supposed to be on or in your skin.

The third step should be to use some sort of serum to brighten and hydrate your skin. This also allows you to target your problem areas, such as using a serum to target dry skin or anti aging, to maximize the effectiveness of your cleansing treatment. Once you figure out what product would work best for you personally during this step, extensive research on different brands and particular ingredients will be an important task. Try to use more natural brands so that you are not putting any unwanted chemicals on your face.

Lastly, you will want to add a moisturizer. Moisturizing is extremely important as it not only helps dry skin, but it also plays a huge role in anti- aging and keeping your skin young. The more hydrated your skin is, the less likely it is to wrinkle and crack, which is what causes those fine lines.

Moisturizers also tend to have sunscreen in them, which is also something that you should be applying to your face daily.

The Double Cleansing Method

A new, but popular, method of face cleansing that has come along recently is the double cleansing method. The double cleansing method is the use of two products back to back.

The first product is some sort of oil-based method to take off the top layer of dirt, make-up, and such. The second product is then an actual soap-based product that you should have to rinse off with after.

This method allows for that second product to get the best out of its use due to the first oily product getting rid of that top layer of debris. Since its not trying to get past any make-up or dirt, the second cleanser works better by being able to really get deep in your pores to do a very successful clean out.

face cleansing steps
So, Where Do I Go From Here?

No matter what you struggle with, you can easily create a face cleansing routine to target all of your problem areas. That’s the beauty of skin care; it’s your own personal preferences! Once you figure out the best products for your situation, you will be sure to see results once you stick to a plan!

No matter what you choose to do and/or use, just remember the importance of keeping your skin clean, hydrated, and protected. Your skin will most defiantly thank you in years to come!

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Let me know in the comments section if you have any doubts or questions or if you want me to add anything to these steps

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