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Creamy Hydrating Hair Conditioner Recipe For Dry Hair

October 15, 2020
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Creamy Hydrating Hair Conditioner Recipe For Dry Hair

Today we will be making how to make Creamy Hydrating Hair Conditioner for dry hair.

This video was made for a Collab with TaraLee who also has a Youtube channel just like me and has some amazing recipes on her channel.

Here is the link to her channel g o ahead and have a look and let her know I have sent you.

She is making a Hair Volumizing Conditioner the cold processed way. I had never seen anything like that so it is a must watch.

Now Lets talk about the recipe I shared for this collab.

First like we always do we talk about the ingredients

Hempseed oil – ( INCI – Cannabis Sativa )

Hemp is one of the oldest plant and native to Himalayan region. I stay in state of Uttarakhand, India where it is natural crop to this terrain. It is grown legally and locally here for medicinal purposes and I am so proud of it. Therefore I make a lot of skincare and haircare products from it.  It is also known as “Industrial Hemp”. It’s scientific name is Cannabis Sativa.

It is green colored oil which is pressed from seeds of hemp plant. The unrefined version has dark grassy green color. I am using unrefined cold pressed hempseed oil so it has nice green color.

It is different from CBD which is an extract from the leaves of the plant which produce “High” in humans. CBD has high amount of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol ) which is connected to marijuana.

Hempseed oil does not contain THC therefore it is legally grown in the state of Uttarakhand.

Hempseed has 30 – 35% of oil in the seeds which is extracted by either cold pressing the hemp seeds in an oil extractor like we do for sesame seed oil or almond oil or rather any seed oil or by solvents.

Hempseed oil Constituents

Hemp seed oil is has polyunsaturated Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which are known to have a perfect ration that contributes to the health benefits to the hair and skincare products.

Other constituents of hempseed oil

It is rich in gamma-linolenic acid, phytosterols, vitamin D, vitamin E, carotene, chlorophyll, calcium and magnesium. This all make it a super ingredient to be added in skincare ad hair care products.

Benefits of Hempseed oil

Hempseed oil has loads of benefits for the hair.

It moisturizes the hair from root to shaft

It helps in hair growth

It adds a subtle shine to the hair.

It prevents water loss from the hair.

It revives damaged hair

It makes hair healthy, long and strong.

BTMS 50  ( INCI – Behentrimonium Methosulfate Cetyle Alcohol and Butylene Glycol )

I love using BTMS 50 in my conditioner bar recipe and shampoo bar recipe. It is such a beautiful ingredient. It does two jobs at one time let me tell you why. BTMS 50 is

Emulsifying agent – It will emulsify all my oils and other ingredients together to make a nice solid bar.

Conditioning agent – It is cationic emulsifier which means it can condition your hair and leave it nice and smooth.

I would not substitute this ingredient with anything else as it adds that super luxury effect to the bar.

Now a days you also get BTMC but since I have not yet used it I cannot tell how effective it is.

Silk Protein  ( INCI – Hydrolyzed silk protein, benzylalcohol, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate)

When a protein is broken down in small particles or molecules which can be easily be absorbed in the body and hair this is called as hydrolyzed protein.

Silk protein is from silk worms and is a super moisturizing agent. I love the way it makes my hair feel.

There is also other hydrolyzed protein that you can consider if you want to go vegan like oat protein, rice protein, wheat protein etc etc.

Pro Vitamin B5 – Panthenol ( INCI – Panthenol )

Panthenol is a moisturizing agent and improves the shine and reduce static of the hair. It makes the hair bouncy and lustrous

Dimethicone – ( INCI – Dimethicone )

I love to add dimethicone in my conditioner bar as it gives nice slip to the hair conditioner and reduces tackiness from the hair

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Recipe for Creamy Hydrating Conditioner in percentages

DM water – 69%

Glycerine – 3%

BTMS 50 – 6%

Cetyl Alcohol – 2%

Hempseed Oil – 8%

Cocoa Butter – 2%

Dimethicone – 2%

Cetrimonium Chloride – 2%

Vitamin E – 1%

D Panthenol – 2%

OS Silk Protein – 1%

Green Apple Fragrance Oil – 1%

Iscaguard Preservative – 1%

Recipe for Creamy Hydrating Conditioner in grams

Total Batch Weight – 100 grams

Water Phase

DM water – 69 grams

Glycerine – 3 grams

Oil Phase

BTMS 50 – 6 grams

Cetyl Alcohol – 2 grams

Hempseed Oil – 8 grams

Cocoa Butter – 2%

Cool Down Phase

Dimethicone – 2%

Cetrimonium Chloride – 2%

Vitamin E – 1%

D Panthenol – 2%

OS Silk Protein – 1%

Green Apple Fragrance Oil – 1%

Iscaguard Preservative – 1%


Heat Proof container



Double boiler or microwave



Clean and sanitize all the areas, containers, and spatulas before making any skin care and hair care product. Maintaining good GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) is as important as making an effective product.

Measure all the ingredients and keep it aside.

Now add all heated phase in heat proof container like a borosilicate beaker or pyrex beaker.

Heat them on low heat on a double boiler like I showed you in the video or give it 30 seconds burst in microwave till all the BTMS 50 and Cetyl alcohol is melted.

Make sure you do not boil or burn the ingredients

Once melted take it out and allow it to cool.

Now you will have to emulsify the water phase and oil phase together to form consistency of lotion.

Make sure everything is well blended use a hand held blender or over head mixer.

Let it cool.

Once the temperature reaches 40 degrees Celsius we can add your cool down ingredients. Since these ingredients are heat sensitive make sure you do not add it before the temperature is brought down.

Once the temperature is down add cool down phase ingredients one by one except the preservative.

Make a 10% solution of conditioner with water 1:10 = 1 part conditioner 10 parts water.

Dilute the conditioner well and then use a pH meter to measure the pH of the solution.

My pH came up 3.6 which was lower for my preservative to work so I had to raise it

I used a 10% solution of NaOH to raise the pH of the conditioner. Make sure use just 1 drop at a time and then check the pH again.

So once I got pH of 4.4 after just one drop. I added in my preservative and mixed it up nicely.

Once my preservative is blended I again checked the pH of the solution and it came out to 4.6 which perfectly fine for a hair care product.

Now package it up in bottle or a squeezy tube.

Voila !!! Your Hydrating Hair Conditioner is ready

If You wish to Watch Me make this Hydrating Hair Conditioner

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    Been looking for a good conditioner and if this works as well as your recipes do then I’m set – thk you for you recipes

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