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Coffee Lip Scrub | DIY Coffee Lip Scrub | How to make lip scrub

January 9, 2021
coffee lip scrub

So one of my friend from Bangalore visited me and gifted me that beautiful South Indiy wan Coffee

You know how addictive South Indian Coffee is seriously it should be named as sin.

Apart from having it in the morning I have used it in numerous DIY project I hope to share in future.

Today we will be making some Lip Scrub from this super coffee.

It is a fairly simple recipe but works like a charm.

Coffee beans


South Indian Coffee – 30 g

Cocoa Butter – 20 g

Castor Sugar – 38.5 g

Any liquid oil or Olive oil – 10 g

Vit E – 5 g

Vanilla Absolute EO ( optional ) – 0.5 g


It is vey easy to make this simple lip scrub.

Just melt the butter and mix everything in and Voila it is done.

Super simple Super Easy


coffee lip scrub


Since the main focus of this recipe is Coffee so i would suggest not to substitute that.

You can replace cocoa butter with mango butter or Shea butter. Remember each butter has different consistency so there are change the final consistency of the product might change.

You can increase of decrease the amount of castor sugar as per your liking.

You can use any liquid skin friendly oil absolutely anything that you have to spare.

Vit E is a anti oxidant so i would not suggest to replace it.

Vanilla Absolute EO is completly optional as coffee has its own beautiful fragrance so you can skip that part.

I hope you enjoy this Coffee Lip Scrub and have those beautiful lips in winter.

Love Light


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